Session of Fellowship Presbyterian Church

Ruling Elders

    • Class of 2020 (to end service December 31, 2020)

Mimi Carter – Day School Board; Mission
Linda Kershner – Worship & Discipleship; Congregational Care
Susan Harman – Personnel & Administration; Property

    • Class of 2021 (to end service December 31, 2021)

John Archambault – Finance and Stewardship; Personnel & Administration
Betsy Craver – Programs; GEM
Judy Meyler – Mission; Day School Board
Carol Morgan – GEM; Congregational Care

    • Class of 2022 (to end service December 31, 2022)

Jeanie Harrison – Day School Board; GEM
Mary Howe – Mission; Programs
Charles Layno – Worship & Discipleship; Property
Bruce Weaver – Worship & Discipleship; Programs

Clerk of the Session – Julie Davis


Rev. Dr. Kathryn G. N. Campbell, Pastor

Martha Shannon, Office Manager

Blake Tickle, Music Director

Cynthia Hartis, Accompanist

Claire Clark, Hand Bell Director

Melissa Mitchell, Fellowship Schools Director